Fusebox is back

Got the fuse box back on Friday – took the tools out and started installing.

It was a lot harder then I expected. Just a couple things to note.

You’ll have to have access to the battery, and as I didn’t have a jack or the necessary tools – I couldn’t finish the job complete. I’ll expound on this later.

First putting back the fuse box was pretty easy, I decided to clean the contacts with some electrical lubricant. You then drill a couple holes into the fiberglass shell of where the spare tire should be and install the supplemental fuse box. Then the harder part – you strip wires and solder them onto the existing wires – this takes a steady hand and some patience. I went out and bought a soldering iron to get that part done. I plugged back in all the plastic ports, and left the supplemental fuse box unattached to the power. Engine roared right back up! As people stated, things some snappier – it fixed two of my electrical demons (headlights, dashboard lights) and speed up the windows – overall – very pleased – drove it over to another shop to get the auxillary cable installed.


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