A true hobby.


I jokingly say to own a Ferrari (especially an old/vintage one) can be masochistic.  Images of an ancient monk self-flagellating come to mind.  It is true that owning a Ferrari can be time consuming and painful.   While working on the car though, I realized that it can also be a source of great enjoyment and pride.  Getting your hands dirty (literally) and learning about the inner workings of a vehicle gives you a sense of fulfillment. The satisfaction you get from really getting to know these cars makes this more than just ownership – it makes it a hobby.  I don’t bemoan car owners that only have to worry about an occasional oil change on their new rides.  All things being equal – it would be foolish of me to argue you want problems with your car.  What I am saying though, is if you have the time (and the deep pockets) – working on these cars can be a source of joy in of itself. This weekend I get my upgraded fuse box back (as well as some parts I’ve ordered) I’m hoping these exercise some of my electrical demons.  I’m also putting a new set of shoes on the cars – full reports to come. 

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