Fusebox Rebuild Time

Had some time to pop open the hood, got my screwdriver out – and unscrewed the fusebox from the frame. The hardest part was unlocking the white electrical clips from the fusebox (best done with a flat head screwdriver) – The process takes about 20 minutes – no crazy screws or anything like that.

While removing the fusebox – I identified this high pitch whine coming from the relay that controls the motors for the headlamps (makes sense since my headlamps don’t work) – I tried switching the relays with one that was working and the high pitch whine was still there so I’m pretty sure something is messed up in the breadboard. Based on some advice from other owners – I made sure to inspect for burning on the white connectors – I noticed some were slightly brown – one connection was completely burned on the side (see picture) – but the wires and actual metal contact seemed okay.

photo 1 photo 2 photo 3 photo 4

Off to Scuderia Rampante Innovations Inc. for a rebuild.

Hope this fixes some of my electrical issues.

2 Comments on “Fusebox Rebuild Time

  1. I need a fuse box for 1983 Ferrari mondial
    Can you please give me a cost

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