True Brotherhood…

One of the reasons I love being a Ferrari owner – being able to chat/meet fellow folks that want to help one another out simply because of a shared love for the marque, as well as a common understanding why we love these cars so…

Today I was invited by a “Fog” (Bay Area “Ferreri Owners Group”) member, Mitchell, to his garage. He lives about 15 minutes from me so it was a quick and easy drive. I repeated the same ritual from eariler (checked levels, visual inspection for leaks, let the car warm up, took it easy on the car) and headed out.

No smoke, power is good, no strange sounds (exhaust even sounds the same again) – I pull up to an open garage and see a red 328, yellow 348 Challenge, blue 355, and a red 911 GT3 to top it off! I’m thinking this guy is serious about his cars, and I’ve come to the right person/place.

After some initial greetings – we get right to it – pop open the engine latch, in less thann5 minutes – boom – the first thing Mitchel saw was the oil cap was leaking oil right onto the engine and exhaust manifold cover – He notices the oil cap is missing the gasket (did it fall into the oil well?) 

We see some oil residue all on the side of the engine – I think this explains the white smoke – oil smell – plus the fact that the problems magically fix themselves after the oil burned off. We took a quick spin around town for Mitchell to do a quick diagnosis and other than a ticking (valve timing is off) – he gave the car/engine a passing grade. Extremely relieved, I can’t say how thankful I was for his generosity in time and knowledge.

We exchanged a few laughs on what previous owners have done to molest the car (botched interior redo, useless electronic do-dad add ons, things I’m in the process of correcting/removing)

Can’t thank Mitchell enough for his kindness and time. 

So my new to-do list
1) Get new oil cap (with gasket)
2) Order new fuse box (hopefully that fixes sub problems)
       a) headlight is stuck in open position
       b) Instrument Cluster does not light up
       c) Gas door switch does not work
       d) strange hi pitched ringing in fuse box after I shut off the car
3) New Tires
4) Clean engine bay/confirm no oil leaking from valve cover
5) Re-do interior carpeting
6) Fixed failed leather restoration project
7) Confirm no exhaust leak

Hey – that’s why they call this a hobby right?ImageImageImage

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