Dodged a bullet?

So against better judgement — I decided to open up the garage, check the water level (looks good), check the oil level (in line), check for leaks (none), visual inspection of the engine/bay (everything looks in order)….

So I pull the baby out — took a few spins around town – did a couple loops around Stanford….seems to be performing well – no issues – power is back – not a single puff of smoke – this is with about an hour of driving as well!

The only thing that seems to be a bit off – is the muffler sounds a bit odd (like a exhaust leak or something)

The previous owner was pretty shoddy in all his “upgrades” – could the smoke/etc been caused by something that broke along the exhaust system? (I’ll find out tomorrow as I’m taking her in to a personal shop for a quick inspection)

Hoping I dodged the bullet on this one …Image

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