Spy Hunter

Spy Hunger

So took the horsey up a popular road in the Bay Area in Woodside (Woodside/La Honda Road) and I came to wide open stretch of road. I’ve been driving pretty conservatively so I felt the car was ready to stretch its legs a bit. Floored it in 3rd gear around 6-7K and about 5 seconds I feel a noticeable loss of power and I start pluming a huge cloud of white smoke. (Insert all the worst fears of Ferrari ownership here)
I see that the oil pressure gauge goes down and I step off the gas and coast a bit. I am still pluming white smoke like that car in Spy Hunter. I pull off to the side of the road and turn off the car. I exit the car and white smoke is billowing from the engine compartment, with the familiar smell of burning oil. At this point I’m looking for my cell phone expecting to call AAA to tow back to the repair show. I wait about 5 minutes, say a little prayer, and turn the key. The car starts right up, but no more smoke. I turn around and (all the while praying) hope to get home.

The strange thing is – no more smoke, but I notice the engine sounds different (a lot less loud) and it feels noticeably weaker.

I’m going to be calling up Brian Crall a very highly recommended Ferrari Mechanic in San Ramon.

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