Got rid of the clear bra today

So I’m quickly becoming friends with “Danny” are really friendly mechanic at Dino Motors.  He’s been doing the bulk of the work on my car.  He said he was able to get to red-line with no problem – so not sure if the problem is a bad tach or perhaps intermittant – he suggested that Johannes take a spin.  One of the things I requested was that they get rid of the “clear bra” that was on my car.  It was installed from what I gathered a long time ago – and it was well past it’s expiration date with crazy stains and marks on it.  He said they were able to take it off and the car looked great! 

I’m still waiting to hear in addition to the red-line issue the following

1) Hood Latch

2) Antenna Stuck

3) Seat Belts

4) Broken Driver side vent

5) Replace the shifter

I think the car will be in great shape after I address these few things…


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