Mondial Shop Update

Okay, so Dino Motors knows their stuff, but a warning to others – they are sloooowwwww.  I have to chalk it up to that fact that they have a ton of cars in there and I think many of them are of much higher “premium” – so when they are prioritizing: they probably have to address the million dollar Muira in there before mine.  I don’t take this personally – basic law of supply and demand.

So the engine was only firing on half the cylinders because of bad relays – during this investigation – they found a bad water hose (replaced.)  The headlights were permanently on. (fixed that) They also fixed the Seat Belts – the previous owners really committed  all the horror stories you hear about Ferrari’s – Some examples?  The steering wheel was backwards, various installs electronic nonsense.  The car had a pretty slip-shod state for all the interior bits which were misaligned and generally blocking things.  Dead pedal was installed wrong so it had the potential to block clutch – general crazy stuff like that

Some folks should just not own Ferraris – basically too many folks that go into it half-cocked and end up messing up a masterpiece up…sad really.

Abandoned Legends Automotive 17


What can I say?  I’m a masochist, and I’ve been enjoying ‘righting’ the wrongs of previous owners.  I mean a hobby is as good as the challenge it presents to you – and I’m for it short of catastrophic failure that results in a parts car.

So I took the car for a spin and it was a lot of fun – sounded and drove great – gets lot of attention.  Still need to work on the following however.

1) Hood Latch

2) Antenna doesn’t work

3) Cheese grater has missing “teeth” on driver’s side

4) Lap belts won’t retract

5) Exhaust leak somewhere….

More updates to come!

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