So one of the many things I’ve been learning about Ferrari ownership is the different paradigms about practically everything.  Case in point, the length of time one would expect for work to be done on the car.  Since these are exotics, everything takes 10 times as long and unfortunately, things of course cost 10 times as much as other cars.  Just one of the things about these hand built masterpieces to know.

Johannes at Dino Motors has been working on my car, and he has been really cool.  He’s one of the most sought after Ferrari/Italian independent shops in the San Francisco bay area so he’s always in demand.  His shop is full of different Ferraris of varying vintage and he and his trusted partner, Danny – are always swamped.

It’s been about a month since I’ve dropped off my car and he’s been fixing a bunch of few things…thankfully nothing has broken the bank (yet.)

So far the culprit of the engine stall was electrical – (Fixed)

While fixing that – the water pipe busted (Fixed)


They replaced the Transmission fluid as what was in there was pretty old.

They checked the belts and they are cool

The fuse box is in good shape.

Spark Plugs, Fuel/Air Filter are okay.

Some things that they are checking out now is:

Broken hood latch

Broken Antenna motor (won’t go up/down)

Seat belts are stuck

Missing screws in the interior

Smog Check

I’m hoping to get the car back soon

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