Not Firing On All Cylinders…literally…

So I got a call from Dino motors and they said that half the engine banks are not firing – that’s what’s causing the funky engine performance.  He hasn’t pinpointed the exact problem, although it sounds very similar to what some people have suggested previously…bad ignition system, bad fuel system….hopefully the pain won’t be too bad…

More info to come.Image

2 Comments on “Not Firing On All Cylinders…literally…

  1. Yes I had an issue with one bank not firing, turned out to be a fuse near the ECU’s to a relay that feeds power to the fuel pump and ECU for a bank of the V8. The fuse holder had corroded to the point of crumbling and this lead to the fuse failing. Ever wondered how well a Ferrari would go with a 1.7L 4 cylinder power plant ? Had to eventually replace the fuse holder but managed to find the fault and get it running in the next town in the car park of a Skoda dealer in Germany. Lots of heads poking out the door of the workshop looking at this crazy Aussie fixing a Ferrari in the car park. Great to have all 8 cylinders firing for the return journey.

    • Hi Greg, I eventually determined it was a faulty fuel pump that was tripping the fuse near the ECU. I drove around with the 1.7 4 cylinder for a mile … a sad sad thing. Glad to hear you got it sorted!!!

      Cheers to you.

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