Ferrari Chat Advice

I spend a lot of time on  Before I had my car checked out by the pros – I thought I would ask around to see if anybody had any ideas on what was wrong.  A whole group, fraternity really, jumped in and lent a helping hand.  Admittedly, I was in over my head – but some thoughts from my Ferrari brethren were:

1)   Coil modules

2)   spark plug leads

3)   Bad Battery/Loose Battery Cable

4)   Broken or loose vacuum hoses

5)   Bad air filter and/or pathways

6)   Dirty throttle body

7)   “Hot start problem”

8)   Fuse box failure

9)   Engine management connectors

My goal is to bring these up with Johannes (at Dino Motors) and have him go through the list and do his best considering time/money constrains – then repeat the whole process again with “Dr. Brian Crall” with him giving a “second opinion.”  It would appear that as long as you do proper maintenance and get all the problems sorted out (and not ignore them) – This should be a fun ride.  By the way – I purchased the Ferrari from a Catholic Charity for $27,000

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